President Donald Trump desperately blamed “heartless” Democrats in Congress on Wednesday for the failure to pass a much-needed coronavirus stimulus package as millions of Americans struggle to get by.

Tens of millions of Americans are currently unemployed because of Trump’s reckless and incompetent response to the pandemic, which forced many businesses to temporarily close or reduce operations in an effort to slow the spread and prevent unnecessary deaths.

Unfortunately, infections and deaths have only continued to worsen because Trump ended the economic shutdown far earlier than health experts recommended and has continued to rail against public health measures such as masks and staying home even though he knew all along how bad the virus was. This has negatively impacted businesses as employees get sick and some die. And businesses that could have reopened had there been a proper response have kept their doors closed. Nor have they received stimulus money to keep their employees afloat.

That’s why a new stimulus is absolutely necessary, especially since many face certain eviction in the weeks and months to come.

But while stimulus negotiations continue to drag on, Trump blamed Democrats on Twitter and told Republicans to pass a high dollar amount.

That’s just it. Republicans are the ones standing in the way of this new stimulus becoming reality because they want a smaller number while Democrats want a large package. It should also be pointed out that Senate Republicans have refused to bring a second stimulus package that House Democrats passed months ago up for a vote, effectively killing it and denying Americans the help they need. A Republican version of the package, meanwhile, has no direct payments to Americans in it, which makes the bill useless.

Twitter users set the record straight.

Clearly, Trump and Republicans are to blame for the economic suffering millions of Americans are going through right now. Democrats have tried repeatedly to pass an appropriate stimulus bill to address our needs, but Republicans only care about giving money to the rich. Had Senate Republicans passed the second stimulus House Democrats passed months ago, we would be much better off right now.

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