Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) really stuck his foot in his mouth this week by demanding that his Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison release his tax records even though he won’t call for President Donald Trump to stop hiding his own.

Over the weekend, Graham bragged about releasing his own tax records and accused the increasingly popular Harrison of having something to hide because he hadn’t released his yet.

The race between Graham and Harrison is a dead heat, with several polls showing a tied race or Harrison down by a point or two with under two months to go before Election Day. Should Graham lose, it would be a pathetic end to a long congressional career and a major victory for Democrats in their effort to take back the Senate.

The reason Graham is in danger of losing also has as much to do with his subservience to Trump as it does with his opponent.

On Monday, Graham once again goaded Harrison over his tax returns.

And on Tuesday, Harrison finally fired back by informing Graham that his tax returns have been released and that he should tell Trump to do the same.

Again, Graham is under fire for being Trump’s loyal lapdog. So, demanding that Harrison release his taxes while giving Trump a pass for not releasing his own speaks volumes and is a clear demonstration that Graham is a hypocrite, especially since he had this to say about Trump’s taxes just last year.

“I think you should release your tax returns if you’re running for president in 2020,” Graham said. “I think everybody should. That’s just my view. It’d be good for the country.”

Indeed, so why hasn’t Graham pressured Trump to release his tax returns? Graham accused Harrison of having something to hide because he had not released his yet. By Graham’s own logic, that means Trump has a hell of a lot more to hide since he has never released his even after repeatedly promising to do so and is desperately fighting the release of his taxes in court. The fact that Graham isn’t outright demanding Trump’s taxes himself while expecting his Democratic opponent to release his is a major misstep, and Harrison humiliated him for it while blowing up Graham’s insinuation that he has anything to hide.

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