With just weeks to go before Election Day, President Donald Trump is adding international chaos to the mix as his administration threatens our allies with punishment if they don’t agree that the United States can unilaterally impose UN sanctions on Iran.

Back in 2015, Trump withdrew the United States from the Iran nuclear agreement negotiated during the Obama administration even though Iran had been complying with the terms. The agreement resulted in United Nations sanctions on Iran being lifted, but left a “snapback” option in place to re-impose the sanctions if Iran ever violated their commitment to abandon the pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is saying that the United States is still a participant in the agreement and is demanding that the United Nations re-impose the sanctions.

“Today, the United States welcomes the return of virtually all previously terminated UN sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Pompeo said according to CNN.”The United States expects all UN Member States to fully comply with their obligations to implement these measures. In addition to the arms embargo, this includes restrictions such as the ban on Iran engaging in enrichment and reprocessing-related activities, the prohibition on ballistic missile testing and development by Iran, and sanctions on the transfer of nuclear- and missile-related technologies to Iran, among others.”

The unilateral move comes after Trump suffered a defeat in August after the United States lost a UN Security Council vote, one of the rare times such a defeat has occurred.

Pompeo also added a threat against our allies if they don’t support Trump’s unilateral action.

“If UN member states fail to fulfill their obligations to implement these sanctions, the United States is prepared to use our domestic authorities to impose consequences for those failures and ensure that Iran does not reap the benefits of UN-prohibited activity,” he warned.

Of course, this only serves to further alienate our allies around the globe, which further isolates our nation, weakens our national security, and degrades whatever reputation we had left among the international community.

Our three greatest allies— France, the United Kingdom, and Germany— rejected the move in a letter to the Security Council.

“Any decision or action taken with a view to re-installing (the sanctions) would be incapable of legal effect,” the letter said.

Even diplomats are trashing it.

“I don’t see anything happening,” one diplomat told AFP. “It would be just a statement. It’s like pulling a trigger and no bullet coming out.”

Yet another diplomat said that Russia and China are “happy” to sit back and watch the United States burn bridges with longtime allies because it improves their own influence and power in international affairs.

So, just remember when you go to vote this November that Trump is making Americans less safe because he’s trying to bully our allies at a time when we need them most, and all because he hates an agreement that was effective and incompetently withdrew from it.

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