Predictably, President Donald Trump lashed out at the late-Senator John McCain’s widow Cindy McCain on Wednesday morning in response to her endorsement of Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Cindy McCain endorsed Biden through a statement on Twitter praising him for his compassion, empathy, understanding, and morality. She especially noted that Biden knows what it is like to lose a child and watch another serve in the armed forces during wartime.

Trump responded by disparaging her late husband, a war hero who suffered brutal torture as a POW during the Vietnam War, a war Trump avoided by dodging the draft five times.

This is a despicable attack on a war hero’s widow that once again demonstrates Trump’s disdain for our troops and their families.

Americans rallied around Cindy McCain and trashed Trump’s cowardly attack.

Indeed, Trump is currently losing to Biden in Arizona. Trump is also losing among active-duty soldiers and veterans. And he is also losing in the suburbs despite trying to scare white women with racist fear mongering.

This cheap shot at Cindy and John McCain is a bad move by Trump with just weeks before Election Day. And if his supporters truly respected the troops and their families, they would turn on him for it.

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