The latest annual poll of the “Most Admired” men in the world has just been released, and it’s guaranteed to enrage the notoriously vain and thin-skinned leader of the free world.

According to Mediate, the top spot in the poll is held by former President Barack Obama:

“Former President Barack Obama took over the top spot in an annual poll of “Most Admired” men in the world, while President Donald Trump slipped in the rankings to place behind such world leaders as Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and… Keanu Reeves?

“President Obama climbed to number one in YouGov’s “World’s Most Admired” poll among men, while Trump slipped a spot to 15th on the list. Obama unseated Microsoft founder Bill Gates for the first time in the poll’s history, while Trump slipped a spot as two new entries to the list — Reeves and NBA legend Michael Jordan — surpassed him.”


There is, however, one glimmer of good news for Trump in the new poll: He did outrank Obama in one country, Russia, where he places 11th and Obama is in 15th place.

However, Trump was unable to supplant “Neo” Reeves in Russia, losing out to the movie star by a hefty margin. Reeves is 5th in Russia.

There was also bad news for current First Lady Melania Trump, who is now in 19th place, far behind this year’s winner, Michelle Obama:

“Mrs. Trump was surpassed on the list by new entries Sudha Murthy, teen activist Greta Thunberg, Beyonce, Shakira, Scarlett Johansson, and Jennifer Lopez.”

Though Trump hasn’t yet commented on being so poorly rated, it seems likely he may just weigh in on the matter before the weekend is over with. He’s probably far too busy watching television and cheating at golf to make any official statement just yet.

Best of all, however, is that this confirms what we’ve always known: Donald Trump can’t hold a damn candle to his predecessor.

Featured Image Via NBC News