Well, apparently Postmaster DeJoy’s alleged attempts to slow down the mail before the upcoming election haven’t affected pro-Trump mail. Especially when that pro-Trump mail is heading to people who have a Biden sign in their yard in Erie, Pa.

Anne Carney and her husband have been putting political signs in the front yard of their home in Erie for over 2 decades.

Last Wednesday, they received a two-page letter. It was addressed to “resident” written by hand. It was anonymous and contained no return address. But the sender knew the Carneys had “Biden/Harris” yard signs in their front yard.

The letter began by assaulting their beliefs and support for Joe Biden.

“Joe Biden represents the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party represents baby butchers, communists, admitted BLM ’queers’ and domestic terrorists.”

It goes on to say:

“The sign in your yard is an embarrassment to many of your neighbors even if it doesn’t embarrass you. You bring your neighborhood down a notch and advertise your political and moral ignorance. You advertise that you are either low wattage, hard-hearted, spiritually lacking, or totally unawares. SAD.”

The letter also refers to the Democratic Party as “anti-American” and “Marxist Socialism,” which is “Cannibalism, which is admittedly Satanic.” It says that “social justice” is an “excuse for domestic terrorism.”

Then it makes wildly false claims about abortion such as that “baby parts” are being sold to laboratories which “clone human cells and graft them onto animals” and that, “The latest thing is … human cannibalism restaurants.”

It makes racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic remarks about former President Barack Obama. It attacks billionaire George Soros on similar grounds.

After attacking Black Lives Matter for a full-page, it demands that blacks apologize to whites.

Carney, who called the letter everything from “crack-potty” to “atrocious” — believes it amounts to voter intimidation, but says it won’t stop her from voting for Biden. She says what bothered and disturbed her the most was the fact someone probably canvassed her neighborhood to see who had a Biden sign in their yard.

Carney went to the District Attorney’s office to file a complaint. They told her to go to her district judge to file such a complaint.

Carney’s husband called the whole experience of being stalked and targeted “creepy.”

Other recipients of the letters, all Biden supporters, like Daniel Thomas, commented that — “This is sad. This is somebody who is really misinformed. It reads like a checklist of Republican conspiracy theories with a healthy dash of racism thrown in. It checked all the boxes. Then I thought, this feels like voter intimidation. It seems like it’s somebody who is afraid to sign their own name and engage in actual debate or discussion because they don’t have any real facts, is trying to scare me from voting for Joe Biden.”

Thomas, who is gay, felt personally attacked and insulted by the letter.

Another citizen, Dawna Baley, was most offended by the religious references where their ideas and beliefs were obviously against God.

She stated — “It’s a very sad state of our world for people to speak this way when only a couple of years ago we thought this was changing. Unfortunately, we have a leader who condones this kind of behavior.”

The letter does not mention Trump by name but it is obvious this is pro-Trump mail.

Verel Salmon, chairman of the Erie County Republican Party denied the letter was sent from the party and also condemned its hateful rhetoric

“Such letters absolutely do not come from the Erie County Republican Party or its Trump Victory campaign,“ Salmon said in a statement. ”Nor will such letters influence the people who receive them … for sure.” He added, “We’ve seen nastiness from some individuals in our area which is far from the norm of our citizens,” he continued. “We do not want to ever give up our freedom of speech but such letters do not help our candidates. Erie County voters, Black, brown, yellow, or white, will vote for candidates who they believe have demonstrated accomplishment. That’s Erie; that’s us. Most Democrats, Republicans, and Independents want the best for our community, our families, our faith, and our great nation.”

The GOP in Erie may not have officially sent the pro-Trump mail. But whoever did, supports the GOP there, obviously. Furthermore, by condoning the hateful rhetoric that has come out of the White House during Trump’s tenure, the party from the national level down to the state level is at least in part responsible for these kinds of assaults on everything we believe as Americans.

These kinds of attacks won’t stop after the election, especially if Trump manages to “win.” The only hope our nation has, according to a growing number of Americans, is to vote him out — by a wide margin, so there is no doubt.


Featured image screenshot via Twitter