Former Vice President Joe Biden picked up a big endorsement on Thursday in what could be considered a mini-October surprise as retired General Stanley McChrystal announced his support of the Democratic nominee.

McChrystal infamously had to resign from his command in Afghanistan during the Obama administration after a Rolling Stone article revealed that he had mocked top officials, including Biden.

But at a time when President Donald Trump is destroying democracy and the rule of law while disrespecting our veterans and active-duty troops, McChrystal has put his former criticism of Biden aside and endorsed him for president during an appearance on Morning Joe.

“I think my willingness to endorse him now should signal to people that there was a respectful relationship then, and just how important I think it is to replicate that kind of relationship between senior military leaders now,” McChrystal said. “I worked most closely with President Obama and Vice President Biden when I commanded in Afghanistan, and I had policy differences at times … But in every instance, they listened. In every instance, they took in my view. In every instance, I felt that they were trying to make the best decision based on all the information they had and based upon a bedrock of values.”

And values is the top reason why McChrystal trusts Biden and is endorsing him over Trump.

“Anyone we chose will make mistakes, that’s for sure,” McChrystal said. “But the reality is if we pick for character, values, we’ll be best off. We have to believe in our values. You have to believe that your commander and chief, at the end of the day, is someone that you can trust, and I can trust Joe Biden.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

McChrystal joins many other former top military leaders in endorsing Biden, which should make clear that Biden is the right person for the job. Unlike Trump, Biden respects the military and will listen to the advice of military officials to make informed decisions. That’s what presidents should do and it’s what Americans should expect from their leaders.

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