President Donald Trump complained about the media reporting on a massive hurricane hitting the United States instead of on his bogus Nobel Peace Prize nomination during yet another grievance rally on Wednesday.

Closing out September in Minnesota, Trump bragged about being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for agreements signed between Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, none of whom were or are at war with each other. In short, there was already peace between these nations so there was no peace to be made and no reason for a Nobel nomination.

Trump is obsessed with the prize because former President Barack Obama got one during his first term in office. As it turns out, the only reason Trump was nominated is because a right-wing lawmaker and a racist Trump supporter in Norway submitted his name for consideration.

But during the rally, Trump whined about NBC not covering the nomination. Instead, NBC rightfully focused on massive hurricanes heading for Florida and Louisiana. Hurricanes are major storms that can cause severe damage and death. Trump, however, referred to them as mere “rain” and called NBC “sick” for covering the storms instead of him and his propaganda nomination.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

The entire Gulf Coast should feel insulted that Trump cared more about himself than about the lives and property that were threatened by these hurricanes. Hurricane Marco ended up causing flash flooding and $10 million in damages in the United States, while Hurricane Laura slammed Louisiana and Texas, killing 42 people and causing $10 billion in damages. Trump should care more about that, but he doesn’t. NBC responsibly covered these natural disasters to keep the public informed, which helped to prepare the areas affected and save lives. That’s far more important than a Nobel Peace Prize nomination on false pretenses.

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