Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz desperately wants to be known as a brilliant and witty online troll, but all he ever seems to accomplish when he tweets is the complete humiliation of himself.

Such was the case on Thursday when Cruz tried to suggest that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is controlled by the “radical left” of the party, a charge which President Donald Trump also made during Tuesday evening’s first presidential debate.

Here’s the tweet Cruz posted Thursday afternoon:

There are several problems with Cruz’s moronic tweet. First and foremost, just a few days ago Trump himself claimed that the “Radical Left” was “dumping” Biden.

Also, there’s the matter of who Cruz has on that fictional train. Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) is radical? Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York is “far left”? That’s laughable.

And then we have the train traveling along a track that features a highway off-ramp sign. That’s downright ridiculous, as many on social media were quick to remind Cruz, who clearly needs to take an extended break from Twitter:

Do us all a favor, Ted: Stop trying to pretend you’re human. No one is buying your act.

Featured Image Via CNN