In an ironic twist proving the existence of karma, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have both tested positive for coronavirus following news that Trump’s top aide Hope Hicks had also tested positive.

As you may recall, Trump wrote off the virus as a “hoax” as the pandemic began spreading in the United States. It has since killed 200,000 Americans and has infected millions, yet Trump has continued downplaying the virus even after it was revealed that he knew all along how dangerous the virus is and admitted that his plan was always to downplay it.

Trump also recently claimed that the virus affects “nobody” and has repeatedly mocked former Vice President Joe Biden for wearing a mask and staying at home.

Now Trump himself has the virus, which he and Melania seemed to confirm on Twitter.

Of course, Trump may just be claiming to have the virus so he can skip the next debates with Biden. The first debate earlier this week was a complete disaster for Trump.

But if Trump really does have the virus, Americans are giving him the “I really don’t care, do you?” treatment.

Trump’s weight and age certainly puts him at a higher risk of death. Whether or not he has tested positive for the coronavirus, however, one thing is certain. He deserves no sympathy, not when he has so callously ignored the deaths of over 200,000 Americans on his watch when he had the power to do something about this pandemic more than seven months ago. He only has himself to blame for not listening to the health experts in the first place.

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