Though the White House and doctors for President Donald Trump are attempting to put out a message that he’s doing just fine, a source has told two members of CBS News that Trump’s vital signs over the past 24 hours had been “very concerning” and suggested that he is far from being “on a clear path to a full recovery.

Sara Cook, who works a producer at CBS and David Begnaud of CBS NewsRadio noted on Twitter that they had just gotten the news:

Indeed, Trump’s doctors sounded optimistic when they briefed reporters on Saturday, though they refused to say if he had been receiving supplemental oxygen overnight, The Washington Post notes:

“At a press conference, Trump’s medical team at Walter Reed said the president is fever-free and that they are ‘extremely happy’ with the progress the president has made. But the team refused to answer key questions about when the president was first diagnosed, first symptomatic and whether he had received supplemental oxygen.

“Adding to the confusion, a White House official said after the briefing that the doctor misspoke about the timing of the president’s diagnosis and treatment. The White House has not commented on the record about the doctor’s remarks and whether they contradict the timeline previously communicated to the public by Trump and the White House.”

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