Not since 1976 when Jimmy Carter captured the presidency has a Democrat won Texas. But former Vice President Joe Biden could snap that losing streak because the race is now so close that he’s launching a multi-million dollar ad campaign there only weeks before Election Day.

With 38 electoral votes, winning Texas would make it damn near impossible for Trump to find a path to re-election. He needs Texas to even have a chance, but Biden is either ahead of Trump or tied with him in the polls. And that is freaking out Republicans enough that they are moving to suppress the vote by reducing the number of mail ballot drop boxes.

Biden, meanwhile, is investing $5.8 million in the state to run campaign ads that will run all the way to Election Day on November 3rd in a push that could tip the scales.

It’s “a hell of a lot more than anybody else ever spent, that’s for sure,” Texas Democratic Party chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said in a statement. “This is a very good sign.”

Texas Democrats say that Biden has everything to gain if he would visit Texas on the campaign trail.

“What Biden needs to do if he’s serious about Texas is come make a case,” president and co-founder of Way to Win Tory Gavito pointed out.

Indeed, it couldn’t hurt. After all, Texas Democrats are already using his campaign slogan in ads.

“18 million Americans are unemployed. 7 million Americans are sick. 210,000 dead. But we can change our future. Democrats will build our country back better,” one such ad said.

Biden has a chance to bury Trump in this election just by taking the state and the 38 electoral votes that are now up for grabs. Texas is usually reliably Republican, but Trump has dragged the party down so much that even Texas is turning against him and is poised to turn blue for the first time in decades.

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