Ever since he returned to the White House from Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday, President Donald Trump has been tweeting like there’s no tomorrow, including 40 tweets and retweets in a half-hour period Tuesday evening, according to HuffPost:

“Trump shared wild conspiracy theories, insulted political rivals, made accusations about voting and attacked the media. He also ripped his own Food and Drug Administration, ‘scum’ at the FBI and the ‘pathetic’ CIA.

“And in a head-spinning about-face, Trump also demanded action on a coronavirus relief package― which he himself had killed earlier in the day.”

Here’s a sampling of Trump’s tweetstorm:

Wow! Lot of anger there, Mr. President. Can you say “‘roid rage?”

Rather than try and respond to all of Trump’s mind-numbing tweets, Joe Biden merely used a simple GIF to remind the president he needed to take an extended break from social media:

A couple of words and one image. That was all it took to perfectly troll Donald Trump’s childish behavior.

Of course, even though Biden expertly destroyed Trump, the closer we get to Election Day, the more we can expect to see all sorts of random stream-of-consciousness nonsense from the president, who can feel everything slipping away from him.

But for now, it’s reassuring to know that we may soon be rid of the Infant-in-Chief and replace him with an adult who actually cares about this country and its people.

Featured Image Via CNN