President Donald Trump’s insane decision to halt stimulus negotiations resulted in a stock market drop and suicide prevention information to trend on social media as Americans become more desperate during this time of crisis without leadership.

Trump killed the stimulus talks Tuesday evening, declaring that it will have to wait until after the election and instructing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to focus on pushing through the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

The stock market is not the best gauge for weighing economic health. In fact, tens of millions of Americans are still unemployed and the unemployment rate is still higher now than when Trump took office at 8 percent. Americans are being evicted from their homes and coronavirus is still ripping through neighborhoods and small businesses.

Yet, Trump made outrageous accusations against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to excuse his incompetent actions.

Blue states were hit hardest when the pandemic began. New York and California are also key players in our economy so it makes sense that stimulus money would be sent to those states. But stimulus money would have gone to every state in the nation along with desperately needed stimulus payments to individuals and small businesses to help workers.

If anything, Trump should be yelling at Senate Republicans for refusing to vote on stimulus packages that were already passed by the House months ago.

Facing massive backlash over his madness, Trump then begged for hundreds of billions of dollars for the airlines and small businesses, because that went over so well last time, right?

In fact, the airlines had no problem laying off thousands of workers the last time it received stimulus money. As for the Paycheck Protection Program, unqualified corporations received billions of dollars from it, as did Trump-connected businesses. Most small businesses never saw a dime.

Trump also begged for a stand-alone stimulus bill even though he’s the one who killed stimulus negotiations.

Clearly, this tweet is all about desperately trying to repair the damage done by his previous tweets.

Not only did the stock market take a dive after Trump killed the talks, suicide prevention information trended on social media because millions of Americans just had their hopes for financial rescue dashed.

Americans are suffering and Trump is the one playing games right now. A second stimulus should have been passed by the Senate months ago, but Trump and Republicans refused because they don’t want to help blue states. It’s a shameful exercise in partisanship that should destroy the GOP power structure for generations to come and result in the prosecution and imprisonment of Trump and his cronies for negligence. Over 200,000 Americans are dead and the death toll is still rising. Wall Street is running high but Main Street lies in ruins. Re-electing Trump won’t make things better. He has only proven that he makes things worse. Killing the stimulus talks proves it.

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