There is no way short of orchestrating the biggest cheating scandal in history that President Donald Trump can win California on Election Day, but Twitter is mocking him for promising to end wildfires if the state votes for him.

Former Vice President Joe Biden currently leads Trump by 31 points in the longtime blue state and there’s just no signs that Trump can make up that big of a difference, especially not in under a month.

However, that didn’t stop conservatives from placing a mock-up of the Hollywood sign that spells out Trump’s name in large letters on a California hillside to “trigger the libs” this week, video of which Trump shared on Twitter along with a message that he will stop the “forrest fires” if the state votes for him on November 3rd.

Trump himself cannot stop the wildfires in California. And the simple truth is that he should have been working hard to help California deal with the fires from the beginning instead of using them to punish the state for voting Democratic. He certainly should not be using the fires as leverage to gain votes now. It would be like a Democratic president ignoring the plight of Florida if and when it gets slammed by a Category 5 hurricane and then promising to stop hurricanes if the state votes blue in the next election.

Needless to say, Twitter mocked Trump’s delusional pitch to California.

Clearly, Trump is desperate now that polls show Texas is up for grabs. The same can’t be said about California, no matter how much Trump pretends that to be the case.

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