Both during and after the vice presidential debate on Wednesday night, Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) repeatedly vilified democracy and claimed free speech protections are anti-democratic at a time when President Donald Trump is trying to stifle free speech and is threatening to reject election results if he loses.

Many of the great powers, who also happen to be our allies, are democracies. That includes the United States since we directly elect our Senators and Representatives, as well as public officials on the state and local levels.

Over the centuries, Americans have sought to expand democracy, such as extending voting rights to women and people of color. That’s what democracy is all about.

But Lee, who is in Trump’s pocket, bad-mouthed democracy in several tweets during the debate.

Lee apparently doesn’t think about what he is saying, because most power is already in the hands of the few such as his own. It’s no secret that the richest Americans have control of the federal government. If that were not the case, Republicans would not be passing tax cuts for the wealthy every chance they get and would not be constantly bailing them out during times of economic turmoil.

As for free speech, it’s totally consistent with democracy. Just ask Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands, just to name a few.

And if liberty, peace, prosperity, and the flourishing of the human condition were the objective, Republicans would not be helping Trump lock children in cages. They would not be trying to take healthcare away from millions of Americans. They would not be pushing more and more Americans into poverty. And they would not have kept us at war for the last 20 years while calling for a massive war with Iran.

Twitter users were aghast at Lee’s attacks on democracy, especially since Trump is claiming that the election is rigged against him and may refuse to leave office if he loses.

Clearly, Republicans need to be banished from the government for generations by the people, just as our Constitution and government were ordained by “we the people,” which is the very foundation of democracy.

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