The long-awaited report from U.S. Attorney John Durham into the origins of the Russia investigation and subsequent naming of Special Counsel Robert Mueller will not be completed before the 2020 election, which has many Republicans and President Donald Trump frustrated because they were counting on the report to help boost their political fortunes in the closing days of the election, according to Axios:

“Republicans had long hoped the report, led by U.S. Attorney John Durham, would be a bombshell containing revelations about what they allege were serious abuses by the Obama administration and intelligence community probing for connections between President Trump and Russia.

“’This is the nightmare scenario. Essentially, the year and a half of arguably the number one issue for the Republican base is virtually meaningless if this doesn’t happen before the election,’ a GOP congressional aide told Axios.”

The reason for the delay, Attorney General William Barr has reportedly told Congressional Republicans and the White House, is that Durham is working in a very deliberate fashion and refuses to be rushed:

“According to one of the sources briefed on the conversations Barr said Durham is working in a deliberate and calculated fashion, and they need to be patient.

“The general sense of the talks, the source says, is that Durham is not preoccupied with completing his probe by a certain deadline for political purposes.”

Trump mentioned Barr and the Durham investigation during a phone interview with Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business on Thursday, telling her:

“To be honest, Bill Barr is going to go down as either the greatest attorney general in the history of the country or he’s going to go down as, you know, a very sad situation.

“He’s got all the information he needs. They want to get more, more, more. They keep getting more. I said, ‘you don’t need any more.'”

Axios also notes that Republicans plan to pressure both Barr and Durham to give them something they can use against Democrats, who appear headed for a landslide victory:

“Top Republicans are planning to pressure Barr to get ahead of Durham and temper expectations for the timing of the report’s release, as well declassify whatever remaining documents there are connected to the probe.”

Apparently, neither the GOP or White House are familiar with the admonition found in the old axiom, Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

The election is now only 24 days away.

Featured Image Via CNN