The Nobel Committee announced on Friday that it has awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to the World Food Programme, sparking a temper tantrum from supporters of President Donald Trump.

Trump had been nominated by a right-wing politician from Norway for orchestrating what amounted to fake peace deals between Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, none of which were ever at war with each other. In short, there was already peace between them.

The World Food Programme, on the other hand, works to end hunger around the globe, which helps to bring about peace by removing a major source of conflict from the equation. It’s a truly noble aspiration that deserves recognition. And that’s why the World Food Programme earned the Nobel Peace Prize.

Of course, the announcement enraged Trump supporters, who delusionally expected that their dear leader would win the Nobel Peace Prize he’s been obsessed with since taking office. Trump even whined about his nomination getting bumped by hurricane coverage.

Again, Trump concocted a fake “peace” deal (that was really more of an arms deal than anything) so that he could pretend to have brought peace to the Middle East. Had he brokered peace between Israel, the Palestinians and the Iranians he would have something to brag about and the Nobel Committee would have a legitimate reason to award him the prize. But he didn’t do that. In fact, Trump has only escalated tensions in the Middle East with his threats against Iran.

Trump’s manufactured pursuit of the Nobel Peace Prize is all about his obsession with equaling or being better than former President Barack Obama, something he will never achieve, just like the Nobel Peace Prize is well beyond the grip of his tiny hands.

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