Former Republican presidential candidate Senator Bob Dole (R-Kan.) found the most embarrassing way to announce that he’s still alive on Friday by accusing the Commission on Presidential Debates of being biased against President Donald Trump.

One would think that Dole would want to be remembered as a statesman and World War II hero. Instead, he pissed it all away to reveal himself as one of Trump’s defenders who makes excuses for him.

After Trump tested positive for coronavirus and was hospitalized, the Commission on Presidential Debates made the decision to hold the next debate virtually so as not to risk Trump infecting others, including former Vice President Joe Biden.

The commission is also making it harder for the candidates to interrupt each other, which especially applies to Trump, who spent a lot of time talking over Biden throughout the first debate.

The commission has every right to make these decisions. It’s what is best for public health and it is what’s best for a healthy and fair debate.

But Dole decided to accuse the commission of bias against Trump without offering any proof.

And, of course, that played right into Trump’s hands.

Now Trump can keep saying that the debates and election are rigged against him and claim to have credibility because of Dole.

Thus, Dole made a fool of himself and lost whatever shreds of his reputation and credibility he had left.

Dole’s legacy had been secured, but this outrageous defense of Trump has irreversibly reduced it to ruins.

Featured Image: House of Representatives