Something very strange is going on with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and it could well cost him his Senate seat.

First of all, Graham refused to take a coronavirus test before being allowed to debate his Democratic opponent, Jaime Harrison, on Friday, which led to the debate being canceled and replaced with an online forum where voters asked questions of the two candidates.

But everything turned downright surreal when a person asked Graham:

“How will you address civil unrest in South Carolina?”

That’s a timely and fair question, especially in light of the killings of black suspects by police in several U.S. cities which have led to widespread protests.

However, Graham’s response left everyone dumbfounded:

“I am asking every African-American out there, look at my record. I care about everybody, if you are a young African-American, an immigrant, you can go anywhere in this state, you just need to be conservative, not liberal.”

What. In. The. Hell?!

So if you’re black and want to be safe in the Palmetto State, you have to be a conservative? Does Graham actually believe that? If he does, then he most certainly needs to be booted from Congress by the voters. And that was the consensus on social media, too:

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