With Election Day now less than three weeks away, President Donald Trump decided to try and mock Joe Biden’s age and fitness for office in a way that only served to further alienate senior voters, a key demographic group that the president cannot possibly win without, especially in the all-important state of Florida.

According to The Guardian:

“In 2016, Trump trounced Hillary Clinton in Florida by about 17 points among elderly voters, exit polls indicated. The state is considered critical for Trump’s path to victory in 2020, yet this time around, some polls of voters 65 and older suggest it could be a virtual tie between the Republican incumbent and his challenger Joe Biden, while others give the Democrat an even healthier advantage.

“That could be all Biden needs to clinch a win in ‘the 1% state‘, so called for the closeness of its important elections.”

On Tuesday evening, the president shared this meme on Twitter:

Ticking off a key voting bloc isn’t just stupid, it’s downright suicidal. And yet the 74-year-old Trump, who is still recovering from a nasty dose of COVID-19 is taking cheap shots at a man who is only three years older than him and who also happens to be in much better physical shape.

Social media quickly reminded Trump that his meme is exactly the wrong message to be sending this close to November:

When Donald Trump claims the election is “rigged” against him, what he’s actually saying is that he’s too damn stupid to win without Russia or some other country helping him.

Featured Image Via NBC News