Fans of President Donald Trump attending his rally in Des Moines, Iowa on Wednesday will be greeted by a massive and scientifically accurate billboard taking aim at his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The billboard, which was put up and paid for by “Rural America 2020,” is positioned right across from the Des Moines, Iowa airport and will be clearly visible by all who enter. It features a big arrow pointing people to the event with the caption, “Trump COVID Superspreader Event.”

Indeed, Trump’s rallies have been labeled as “superspreader” events — events that have a high risk of spreading the COVID 19 virus locally and perhaps in other areas when attendees return to their own areas. At these events, just one infected person (who may be showing no symptoms or only mild ones) can disproportionately infect many others.

Trump himself, along with his wife Melania, other government officials, and dozens of staffers, have been infected in recent weeks after a series of events held by Trump and his people. The administration has given sparse and conflicting information to the public about who may have been infected when and have outright refused to tell the public in a clear manner just when the POTUS might have been infected. His claims that he was infected on a Friday and over it 3 days later have been met with much skepticism from the scientific community.

Trump has downplayed the virus since the spring when he claimed it would magically go away as temperatures increased. It didn’t.

Of course, the POTUS isn’t the only one who has held superspreader events with bad consequences. Last month, bikers from around the country attended the annual event in Sturgis, South Dakota. Now, the Dakotas are leading the nation per capita in new cases. It has gotten so bad in the rural states that some areas cannot provide enough hospital beds for infected patients.

Let us hope that Iowa does not end up in the same conundrum.