President Donald Trump has been demanding that former President Obama and Obama administration officials be arrested and prosecuted by the Justice Department over imaginary accusations of conspiracy surrounding the very real Russian interference with the 2016 Election.

Attorney General Bill Barr appointed Texas United States Attorney John Bash to investigate the “unmasking” of Trump associates such as disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia during the transition period after the election and before Trump took office.

Trump has contended that the “unmasking” was illegal, and called for Obama administration officials to be prosecuted. But it turns out that Bash couldn’t find any evidence of misconduct or wrongdoing and no charges will be filed against anyone.

Such is the norm when it comes to investigations into fake scandals made up by Trump and his cronies to smear his critics and political opponents.

Bash has resigned as a U.S. Attorney to take a job in the private sector, which is likely much better than working for people who expected him to be just as corrupt as them.

Former Homeland Security chief of staff Miles Taylor, meanwhile, blasted Trump and the Department of Justice on Wednesday for being obsessed with persecuting the Obama administration.

“[Trump] has been so hyper-focused on this practice of unmasking,” Taylor told CNN. “As a former national security official, this is a common practice. What happens is you might get very sensitive intelligence information regarding very serious threats to the United States, and usually and appropriately the intelligence community redacts the names of U.S. officials and U.S. organizations. But if it’s something serious that needs to be followed up on, oftentimes you might need to put in a request to find out who that individual was. There is a disciplined process for that, one that includes transparency, oversight, internal checks and balances. What I believe that John Bash found was that there was nothing wrong here and that this was all bluster on behalf of the president.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Taylor is the highest-ranking former Trump administration official to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden thus far, and the persecution of Obama and the intelligence community is just one reason why. Trump and his cronies have repeatedly insisted that the Russia investigation was a sham, but several of Trump’s associates have been arrested, charged, and even ended up in prison unless Trump or Barr stepped in to help them out. Trump himself obstructed the probe on multiple occasions as detailed in the final report by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He is still on the hook for those crimes and can be prosecuted for them when his presidency ends. That’s why Trump is so desperate to be re-elected. It’s not about making America great. It’s about Trump not wanting to be held accountable for his criminal actions.

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