There’s a reason why President Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late-Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, and it’s because he knows she will issue rulings to help Republicans steal elections and stay in power.

And we know that because Barrett helped George W. Bush win the presidency in 2000 by pushing for absentee ballots to be counted in Florida even though Republicans had illegally tampered with them, according to Mother Jones reporter Ari Berman.

“Amy Coney Barrett…was one of potentially three conservative justices, along with Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts, who worked in Florida during the 2000 recount,” Berman noted. “She had clerked for Justice Scalia. She was 28 years old. She was working for a law firm that worked with George W. Bush’s main law firm, Baker Botts, run by James Baker, the big Washington power broker. And she worked on a case related to Bush v. Gore — two cases, actually, in which the issue was mail ballots. So, it’s interesting because the issue is once again mail ballots today.”

Indeed, Trump has been demonizing mail-in voting for months, claiming that allowing them to count means the election will be rigged against him.

The case in Florida two decades ago involved mail-in ballots that Republicans tampered with in a scheme to make sure they would not be thrown out. Republican officials literally entered an election office and filled in missing information on ballots that should have been tossed. But Amy Coney Barrett prevented that from happening.

“Amy Coney Barrett went down as part of the legal team to try to get those mail ballots counted,” Berman continued. “If those mail ballots had been thrown out, Al Gore would have been president. So, this was a really important case that got very little attention at the time.”

Well, it’s getting much-needed attention now. Because Trump apparently wants Amy Coney Barrett to help him and Republicans rig the current election whether it be by allowing certain ballots to count or by invalidating others.

“And it’s really ironic, because Amy Coney Barrett was defending Republicans doing the very thing that the Trump campaign is litigating right now,” Berman said. “And it basically shows you the Republican Party has no principles when it comes to mail ballots. They’ll do whatever they can to try to maximize their vote count, even ignoring evidence of fraud or improprieties in the process. I think that’s what’s so disturbing about Amy Coney Barrett, because that’s exactly what President Trump wants to do right now. He wants a justice who will rule his way on the vote count, no matter what the facts or the law actually says.”

One of those ways is by ruling that Trump can delay or invalidate the election.

Trump is even encouraging California Republicans to engage in election fraud by placing illegal ballot drop boxes in places across the state. No doubt, he would expect Barrett to rule that Republicans can use these fake drop boxes and would also rule that Trump can invalidate the election if he loses.

“We are seeing how a rigged judiciary is leading to rigged elections in this country,” Berman concluded. “And we’re going to see a lot more of this if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed to the Supreme Court.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Clearly, Amy Coney Barrett is a threat to democracy. That’s why Republicans are so eager to confirm her. They know they are getting killed in the polls right now and could lose the Senate as well as the White House. They are betting that Amy Coney Barrett will give them a court majority that will stifle the potential landslide defeat they are facing. Even if former Vice President Joe Biden clearly wins, the Supreme Court could try to undo it to keep Trump in power. And even if they don’t do that, just the idea that they could try is enough to justify Democrats expanding the court and adding more justices to strip conservatives of the majority they stole. It’s time for Democrats to play hardball and watch conservatives cry about it.

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