President Donald Trump is obsessed with ratings, so he will be incensed when he learns he lost the ratings war with former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday night according to data.

Biden agreed to a town hall on ABC after Trump refused to participate in a virtual debate in the wake of his coronavirus diagnosis. NBC then made the controversial decision to host a Trump town hall opposite Biden’s, giving Trump a platform he did not deserve and risking the health of everyone in the audience in the process.

Needless to say, Trump’s aim was to beat Biden in the ratings. But he failed.

Advanced Television reports:

According to analysis by Samba TV, a content recommendation engine and viewer tracking application designed for Smart TVs, 6.3 million US households tuned into Trump’s town hall, a 209 per cent increase from the previous town hall, while Biden had 6.9 million US households tune in, up 291 per cent.

Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, already states to watch in this election, were drawn to Biden more. That’s bad news for Trump, who won both states in 2016 and needs them to win in 2020. Losing both would close off more paths to re-election.

YouTube viewership also did not go down well for Trump as Biden destroyed him.

According to Newsweek:

At the end of Trump’s town hall, the NBC News YouTube channel showed 153,660 viewers were watching. ABC News’s YouTube channel showed 507,445 viewers at the end of Biden’s town hall.

Again, Trump is obsessed with ratings, and it appears that his town hall backfired as Americans saw it for the embarrassing stunt it was and decided to tune in to see Biden instead.

Biden showcased compassion and humanity in his town hall, answering questions of audience members even after the event went off the air.

Biden made sure he answered a question from everyone who wanted to ask one and he took the time to explain his responses.

Meanwhile, Trump took off immediately after his town hall went off the air and spent much of his time evading questions and complaining.

There is no question who won the night and America would be wise to send Biden on to victory on November 3rd so we will have a president who cares more about people than ratings.

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