President Donald Trump told a whopper of a lie to Florida seniors on Friday during a rally when he promised that he will protect Social Security and Medicare, drawing laughs from Americans who know better.

We all know that Trump is a liar, and he knows that his support among seniors is starting to collapse as they get sick of his behavior and reckless policies that have culminated in the deaths of more than 218,000 Americans due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has particularly targeted the senior population.

Seniors also rely on Social Security and Medicare, which Trump did promise to protect back in 2016, a promise he repeated again during the rally in Florida.

“As long as I am President, no one will lay a hand on your Medicare or Social Security,” he declared.

The problem is that Trump broke that promise. His own budget called for slashing both social programs. Trump has even admitted on Fox News that he will cut them.

“We’ll be cutting [Social Security and Medicare],” Trump said.

And Trump recently suspended the payroll tax that funds Social Security and Medicare and promised to make the suspension permanent, a move that would eliminate them, a goal of conservatives for decades.

Trump’s budget, his own words, and his actions all prove that he will not protect Social Security and Medicare if he wins a second term. He will destroy both and throw seniors off a cliff to their destitution and deaths.

And Americans called him out for lying to seniors on Twitter.

Make no mistake, Trump is lying when he promises to protect these programs. That’s why Trump needs to be defeated. The lives of our parents and grandparents literally depend on it.

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