With a small lead in her Iowa Senate race against Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) on Thursday night, Democratic candidate Theresa Greenfield nailed the price of corn while her Republican opponent could not even get to close to knowing the price of soybeans.

As you may know, soybean farmers across the state and the country have suffered due to President Donald Trump’s trade war with China, costing farmers billions and forcing many to declare bankruptcy and quit farming.

Of course, that hurts the nation because we rely on farmers to grow the crops we need to feed ourselves.

As a Senator from Iowa, Ernst should know what the price of soybeans is in the state. But she demonstrated that despite growing up on a farm, she had no clue about the price of the Iowa staple crop.

Greenfield, on the other hand, knew the price of corn, another staple crop.

“Well a bushel of corn is going for about $3.68, today, $3.69, and break-even really just depends on the amount of debt someone has,” she said, earning kudos from the debate moderator, who then asked Ernst about soybeans.

Ernst, however, tried to evade answering by touting Trump’s USMCA trade deal. The moderator was having none of it.

“I might have missed it, I don’t think you answered my question: What’s the break-even price for soybeans in Iowa? You grew up on a farm, you should know this,” he told Ernst.

“I think you had asked about corn, and it depends on what the inputs are, but probably about $5.50,” Ernst said.

Nope, he asked Greenfield about corn and she correctly answered. Even if the moderator had asked Ernst about corn, her answer was wrong. But she was asked about soybeans and her answer still was not even close.

“Well, you’re a couple dollars off, I think here, because it’s $10.05, but we’ll move on to something else,” the moderator noted.

“You said, could the break-even for corn is $10.50? I don’t think that’s correct,” Ernst responded, feigning ignorance and embarrassing herself further.

Again, Ernst was asked about soybeans, not corn. Clearly, she did not bother to pay attention when her opponent, who also grew up on a farm, was asked that question and answered it correctly. Regardless, Ernst did not know the price of either crop.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

After the debate ended, Greenfield took to Twitter to call out Ernst.

Frankly, Iowa agriculture groups that have endorsed Ernst should be just as embarrassed. This should have been an easy question to answer and she blew it.

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