Tony Schwartz served as the ghostwriter for President Donald Trump’s 1987 book, Trump: The Art of the Deal, and he says now that Donald knows he’s probably going to lose the 2020 election, he expects the president will double down on his “toxic masculinity,” and that doesn’t bode well for the country.

In a column he wrote for The Daily Beast, Schwartz notes that Trump’s personality is one of the main reasons he’s been such a failure as president:

“No disease is going to tell Trump what to do. He treats COVID as just another opponent he must squash — not by bringing the crisis under control for the sake of all citizens, but by minimizing and sneering at it himself. Likewise, no one is going to make him denounce the white supremacists who support him, and no defeat at the polls is going to force him to voluntarily give up the presidency, even if each of these stances make it more likely that he’ll lose the election.”

Since he cannot possibly lie or distract his way out of the growing death toll from the novel coronavirus, Schwartz continues, that makes him even more dangerous:

“Now, sensing defeat, Trump is doing what he’s always done under stress: doubling and tripling down on whatever fictional facts he wishes were true. But this time, his brazen tactics have produced exactly what they’re meant to defend against. He looks weaker, more vulnerable, and more out of control than at any time since his election. His poll numbers have plummeted.”

Schwartz says the 18 months he spent working on a book with the Donald tell him that everything is about to come crashing down around the president, but the rest of us can move forward:

“We can run but we cannot hide, because wherever we go, there we are. Trump will never change or heal, but we men can. The more we accept all of who we are, the less compelled we become to defend our value, and the more energy we free up to care for others and the world we share.”

Featured Image Via NBC News