In an apparently desperate propaganda photo-op, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany handed CBS reporter Lesley Stahl a binder supposedly containing President Donald Trump’s “accomplishments” on healthcare, only to tout it himself and accidentally reveal that it’s a book of blank pages.

Despite claiming that he has a plan to replace Obamacare, Trump has yet to release it and has done little to nothing to improve healthcare in this country. But Trump wants everyone to believe that he’s done a lot, so McEnany presented Stahl with a thick binder allegedly containing everything Trump has done on healthcare the same day Stahl interviewed Trump for “60 Minutes,” an interview he stormed out of like an angry toddler.

Trump himself went on to tout the binder on his own Twitter feed, except that one of the photos shows Stahl opening it up to reveal blank pages.

Again, this was a mere photo-op so that Trump can use it as propaganda to pretend he has “achievements” when the reality is that he’s a failure.

Twitter users mocked him for the scheme:

This is just another desperate length to which Trump is stooping to convince the American people to re-elect him, but the bottom line is that he’s spent more time on the golf course, tweeting, and watching television than he has been working for us, assuming he has worked for us at all instead of just for himself.

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