While he’s made more than his share of terrifying appointments since taking office four years ago, there’s now a suggestion that President Donald Trump may be planning to appoint former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani to serve as head of the FBI.

That suggestion came from former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on Thursday’s edition of the War Room: Pandemic podcast, according to Media Matters.

Opining on the future of current FBI chief Christopher Wray (who was handpicked by Trump), Bannon predicted that Wray was about to be fired by the president:

“We have called for, since last Thursday when the New York Post story broke, for either the — Rudy Giuliani said it first, that Wray should resign. I say he should be fired if he couldn’t answer the questions. The Washington Post broke a big scoop that the president is thinking about Wray. Note to Washington Post, you’ve got to get an intern to start watching the show because you’re missing something, that’s not a scoop, that’s stale, right? I’ve got a scoop for you, though. I think the interim — they’re going to fire Wray, Wray’s done.”

And then Bannon added this bit of craziness:

“You’re going to be fired. You can take that to the bank and cash it. You’re going to be fired, OK? You’re going to be fired. I’m going to break some news here. I think the interim — I think the interim director of the FBI is going to be Rudy Giuliani and his wingman is going to be Ric Grenell.”

According to the Washington Post report cited by Bannon, Trump has been contemplating booting both Wray and Attorney General William Barr because they refuse to investigate Joe Biden or his son, Hunter, probably because there’s nothing to investigate other than a bunch of right-wing conspiracy theories that have already been debunked by numerous news organizations, including Fox News, which has flat-out refused to amplify a half-witted article that ran in the New York Post, a notoriously unreliable tabloid known to traffic in lies.

If Trump does indeed name Giuliani to head the FBI, none of us will be safe. As Rudy has proven time and time again, he’s one of the few people more deranged than the president himself. He’s not fit to operate a straw broom, let alone the premier law enforcement agency in the United States.

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