President Donald Trump is desperate to repair his falling poll numbers among active duty troops and veterans ahead of the election, so he used 241 dead United States Marines as props and dared to say “Semper Fi” to “honor” them.

The Marines were killed 37 years ago in 1983 when truck bombs exploded at the barracks in Beirut, Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War. None of them used a claim of bone spurs to avoid military service like Trump did during the Vietnam War. None of them also lived to hear the draft-dodging president insult their service by referring to them as “suckers” and “losers,” which is what Trump said about dead soldiers when he refused to visit a World War I cemetery in France.

But those who survived and the families of the deceased not only heard it, they were subjected to Trump pretending to care about them on Twitter.

And that did not go down very well.

Clearly, Trump is spewing empty words. It’s all about trying to get re-elected while pretending that he’s somehow a soldier or veteran. He’s not. He had to chance to fight for his country and he insulted those who fought and died by dodging the draft. And he is still insulting them today. He has never had any respect for the uniform or the flag. They are only a means to an end for him.

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