Former President Barack Obama decidedly buried President Donald Trump during a speech in Florida on Saturday, resulting in Trump throwing a temper tantrum.

During a rally in Miami, Obama listed many of Trump’s failures to act and be a leader.

“When the daily intelligence briefings are flashing warning signs about a virus, the president can’t be AWOL,” Obama said. “When Russians put bounties on the heads of our brave soldiers in Afghanistan, the commander in chief can’t be MIA. He can’t be somebody who doesn’t read the briefings. Joe Biden would never call the men and women of our military suckers and losers. He knows those troops are somebody’s husband, somebody’s wife, somebody’s kids, somebody’s spouse, somebody’s father. And when a hurricane devastates Puerto Rico, a president is supposed to help it rebuild, not toss paper towels withhold billions of dollars in aid until just before an election. We’ve got a president who actually suggested selling Puerto Rico.”

He’s not wrong. Trump has repeatedly refused to confront Russia and Vladimir Putin for putting bounties on the heads of our troops, and had the gall to call dead soldiers “suckers” and “losers” after skipping a ceremony to honor fallen World War I Marines.

Obama then mocked Trump for storming out of a 60 Minutes interview instead of handling it as a strong president would do.

“Believe it or not, could have been worse. He once asked national security officials if he could nuke hurricanes. I mean, at least he didn’t do that,” Obama quipped. “A nuclear hurricane seems like it would have been bad. I mean, it would be funny if it wasn’t. Look, some of the rhetoric you’re hearing down here in south Florida, it’s just made up. It’s just nonsense. Listening to the Republicans, you think Joe was more communist than the Castros. Don’t follow for that baloney. Don’t fall for that okie-doke. Joe Biden was a senator from Delaware; he was my vice president. I think people would know if he was a socialist by now.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

In response, Trump claimed that “nobody is showing up” to Obama’s speeches and ironically accused Obama of spewing hate speech.

The reality is that Trump is the king of hate speech so he has no room to talk. Furthermore, everything Obama said was true and his speech was planned in a way so that attendees could social distance by staying in their cars while they listened. Obama made sure those who came to hear him speak were safe from contracting the coronavirus, unlike Trump, whose rallies have been classified as “superspreader” events.

Trump is literally getting people sick and letting them die. That’s something Obama would never have done. And if he had, Republicans would have crucified him for it.

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