For the first time in a century, the conservative New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper endorsed the Democratic presidential ticket over the Republican, which means President Donald Trump is having another bad day.

Earlier this month, USA TODAY broke a tradition of not endorsing anyone for president by endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden, demonstrating how bad Trump is at the job.

The endorsement was the first from the publication in four decades.

But now the New Hampshire Union Leader has topped that by endorsing a Democrat for the first time in 100 years, complete with an explanation of the decision that Trump will hate just as much as he hated not being endorsed by the paper back during the 2016 primary.

“There is no love lost between this newspaper and President Donald J. Trump,” the statement began. “The Union Leader was very quickly dismissed by then-candidate Trump after we failed to bestow on him our endorsement in the Republican primary four years ago. We were hopeful with Trump’s win that he might change, that the weight and responsibility of the Oval Office might mold a more respectful and presidential man. We have watched with the rest of the world as the mantle of the presidency has done very little to change Trump while the country and world have changed significantly.”

“President Trump is not always 100 percent wrong, but he is 100 percent wrong for America,” the statement continued. “We may be turning a corner with this virus, but the corner we turned is down a dark alley of record infections and deaths. Mr. Trump is a self-proclaimed expert on a wide variety of topics, but when pushed on basic topics he doesn’t want to discuss, he very quickly feigns ignorance.”

More than 225,000 Americans have died because of the coronavirus since February as Trump’s response remains one of reckless incompetence. Trump has also nearly crippled our country by attacking democracy and the rule of law while the economy is still struggling and our national security is vulnerable.

“America faces many challenges and needs a president to build this country up. This appears to be outside of Mr. Trump’s skill set,” the paper concluded. “Biden was among the most moderate in the crowded 2020 Democratic primary field, proposing some of the lowest new spending among that increasingly left-leaning group. We are hopeful that this is a sign of the thoughtful and pragmatic public servant President Joe Biden will be. Sadly, President Trump has proven himself to be the antithesis of thoughtful and pragmatic; he has failed to earn a second term. Our endorsement for President of these United States goes to Joe Biden.”

With Election Day nearly one week away, this is yet another devastating blow to Trump’s sinking campaign.

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