President Donald Trump made yet another demand of former Vice President Joe Biden this week when he yelled on Twitter that he wants a list of the judges Biden would pick to sit on the Supreme Court.

Demanding lists seems to be something that Trump enjoys doing. Of course, it’s something that most dictators enjoy doing so it’s no surprise that Trump is also doing it.

But despite the fact that Trump and Republicans have spent the last four years packing every court possible, he has been whining about the possibility that Biden and a Democratic Senate would expand the Supreme Court.

So now Trump is demanding Biden provide him with a list of names he would consider for the high court. You know, so he and the Republicans can smear them and persecute them.

Again, Trump clearly wants a list of people he can target like he has targeted other Democrats such as Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, whom some of his supporters planned to kidnap and likely execute for imaginary crimes.

Twitter users were not amused, especially since Trump himself has refused to hand over more pertinent information over the last four years and certainly did not release a list of judges he would consider in 2016.

As usual, Trump is dangerous and is a clear threat to our democracy and lives. He intends on persecuting Democrats if he gets another term and that’s a slippery slope to concentration camps and political executions. He must be stopped, and so do Republicans.

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