According to Donald Trump Jr., the number of deaths in the United States from COVID is “almost nothing,” taking coronavirus denial to a new level of absurdity.

During an appearance on “The Ingraham Angle” Thursday evening, the president’s son made it sound like 1,000 deaths a day is an insignificant figure:

“Give me a break Laura, the reality is this,. If you look – I put it up on my Instagram a couple days ago ’cause I went through the CDC data ’cause I kept hearing about ‘new infections,’ but I was like, ‘Well, why aren’t they talking about deaths?’ Oh, oh, because the number is almost nothing.”

However, that’s simply not true, as noted by the COVID Tracking Project, which reports that the daily deaths this week alone are much larger than “almost nothing”:

  • Monday deaths: 389
  • Tuesday deaths: 931
  • Wednesday deaths: 1025
  • Thursday deaths: 1049

That’s certainly quite a bit more than “nothing.”

Junior was quickly called out for his lies and set straight with a much-needed online fact check:

Do you suppose Don Jr. would consider it “nothing” if one of his friends or loved ones had died of the virus? As soulless as he seems to be, he probably wouldn’t give a damn.

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