As we head into the homestretch of the 2020 election, supporters of both major candidates are looking for signs that their candidate will be victorious. Some look to polls, others trust the words of their favorite political pundit. One of the candidates, however, may have given one of the biggest telltale signs yet. It is being reported by the New York Times that Donald Trump has canceled his plans to attend his own election night gala. One that is being held at one of his own favorite properties. His DC hotel.

Why would Trump make such an 11th hour backpedal? After all, Trump loves to regale in adoring crowds for him. Furthermore, at least one solicitation for the event specifically said he would be there.

“November 3rd will go down in history as the night we won FOUR MORE YEARS. It will be absolutely EPIC, and the only thing that could make it better is having YOU there,” read one solicitation from the president that included an image of Mr. Trump and the first lady, Melania Trump, under the words “Join us on election night.”

Some are trying to cover for the president with excuses like “he doesn’t want to combine business with politics” and that “he doesn’t want to be somewhere where the crowd exceeds the limits of crowd sizes.” But none of that has ever stopped Trump before, in fact, he has mocked such things.

Supposedly Trump will spend the night holed up in the White House. Some have jokingly remarked that he will be barricading the doors and windows as his opponent, Joe Biden enjoys a large lead nationally and smaller but steady leads in key swing states at averages higher than Hillary Clinton had in 2016.

Of course, the race has yet to be determined. The best thing all voters can do to make sure their voice is heard is vote for the candidate of their choice on November 3rd. Then have your own election night gala virtually with the nation if your candidate wins.