President Donald Trump responded to his supporters in Texas harassing a Biden/Harris campaign bus on a busy highway by praising them instead of condemning them.

A Biden campaign event was canceled after a group of Trump supporters followed and repeatedly harassed a Biden campaign bus that was heading to the venue, with some drivers even going so far as to try to run it off the road.

The dramatic video shows trucks bearing Trump flags speeding down the road and surrounding the Biden bus in what has to be one of the most prime examples of group road rage ever witnessed.

The behavior displayed by these Trump supporters was embarrassing, despicable, and un-American. People could have been seriously injured or killed, and this seems to be a clear case of political intimidation that should not go unpunished. Yet, rather than condemn the actions of his supporters, Trump praised them and encouraged them.

Basically, Trump is giving his supporters his blessing to continue harassing and intimidating Biden’s campaign, or worse. This is encouraging violence against one’s political opponents, something Trump is already guilty of doing on several occasions.

Americans took him to the woodshed on Twitter.

So, we can expect more of this behavior as Election Day approaches, especially since Trump and his supporters are getting more desperate. These Trump supporters should be arrested and charged. This is not only harassment and intimidation, it’s reckless endangerment and road rage that should result in loss of driver’s licenses, huge fines, and jail time.

Featured Image: Screenshot