You probably remember Chuck Woolery from his many years as a host on numerous short-lived game shows. He’s a very minor “celebrity” who seems to think that his opinion is more valuable than anyone else’s simply because one or two people recognize him when he walks down the street.

Woolery is also a devoted disciple of President Donald Trump. Recently, he tried to downplay the dangers of COVID-19 and shortly thereafter his son was diagnosed with the disease. Woolery took a sabbatical from Twitter after that happened, but he’s back now and once again working hard to boost his man Donald as the election draws closer.

Gee, how could anyone possibly think Donald Trump isn’t trustworthy? It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that he lies about everything, even when he’d be better served by simply using facts and truth. But Donnie has lied all his life, so he doesn’t know how to do anything else.

The Washington Post has tracked the president’s half-truths and lies since he took office and the count is now up to a whopping 22,247 and counting as of Aug. 27.

Woolery was mocked on social media for his incredible self-own and lack of awareness:

Sounds like Chuck needs to take another break from Twitter. And the next one should be for 50 years or so.

Featured Image Via Fox News