President Donald Trump is so frightened of being removed from office one way or the other that a barricade is being constructed around the White House and surrounding area.

Former Vice President Joe Biden currently leads in the polls heading into Election Day on Tuesday, but Trump is desperate to stay in office and out of prison, which is why he is preparing to declare victory before all the votes have been counted even if he hasn’t reached the 270 electoral vote threshold required to win the race.

Trump has also made it clear that he won’t concede the race and has refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power if he loses.

That being said, Trump is now going further by literally barricading himself inside the White House on Election Night like a child locking themselves inside a bathroom because they didn’t get their way.

According to NBC News White House correspondent Geoff Bennett, a new barrier is being built around the White House and Lafayette Square and the National Guard is on standby just outside Washington DC.

It seems Trump is preparing a last stand to stay in power should he lose or he is preparing to prevent the wrath of the American people should he steal the election. In either case, it looks like Trump is poised to use American troops against the people or will issue a call to violence to his supporters in the hopes that they will keep him in power.

This is nothing more than the last gasp of a hated dictator, and not a single American soldier should step forward to defend him, especially if it means maiming or killing an American citizen. Furthermore, turning the White House into a fortress makes Trump look weak and cowardly, just like when he hid in the White House bunker as Americans protested outside this past summer. It’s absolutely shameful and once again demonstrates that Trump is unfit to be president.

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