In what may wind up being a very bad omen for the reelection chances of President Donald Trump, his final pre-election MAGA rally in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was marred by technical issues, most notably the sound system, which led Trump to declare that he wouldn’t be paying whoever had set up the microphones for the event.

Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine notes:

“Trump used a portion of his speech on Tuesday night to complain about the poor quality of his audio setup. He told the crowd that he would pay the contractor anyway, in part because he is from a swing state, and it would look bad for him not to pay a working-class person for services rendered.”

As the rally was ending, Trump again suggested he was going to stiff the person who set up the sound system, something he’s reportedly done to countless contractors over the years:

Twitter users had some thoughts about Trump’s technical difficulties and the fact that instead of offering a vision for the future, he was whining to the very end:

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