Former Vice President Joe Biden delivered remarks to the nation on Wednesday that was decidedly the opposite of anything President Donald Trump has said about this election.

Several battleground states are still too close or too early to call and Trump has begun filing lawsuits in an effort to stop all of the votes from being counted in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania.

As votes were being counted on Election night, Trump accused Democrats of trying to steal the race via absentee ballots that had yet to be counted and prematurely declared victory only to whine on Wednesday morning after swing states he had been ahead in flipped in Biden’s favor.

In response to Trump’s anti-democratic schemes, Biden spoke to the nation cautioning that the race is not over but that he fully believes he will get to 270 electoral votes and vowed that, unlike Trump, he will be president for the whole nation.

“I’m not here to declare that we’ve won, but I am here to report when the count is finished, we believe we will be the winners,” Biden said. “Of special significance to me is that we’ve won with the majority of the American people. And every indication is that the majority will grow. We have a popular vote lead of nearly 3 million votes, and every indication is that will grow.”

Indeed, Biden has won the most votes as a candidate in presidential election history.

“To make progress we have to stop treating our opponents as enemies,” he continued. “We are campaigning as Democrats, but I will govern as an American president. The presidency itself is not a partisan institution … It demands a duty of care for all Americans.”

That’s certainly what Trump has not done throughout his first term in office as he has ignored blue states that have suffered natural disasters and often attacks them, including during the coronavirus pandemic that he botched.

“We the people will not be silenced,” Biden concluded in defiance of Trump’s bid to stop vote counts. “We the people will not be bullied. We the people will not surrender. My friends, I’m confident we’ll emerge victorious. But this will not be my victory alone or our victory alone: it’ll be a victory for the American people.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Not long after his speech, Michigan was officially called for Biden, leaving him one step closer to securing the 270 votes necessary to put an end to the Trump nightmare our country has suffered for four long years.

But Trump still refuses to acknowledge the true results, even going so far a to claim victory in multiple states, including Michigan by crying fraud.

Trump’s tweets have been slapped with warnings because what he is saying has not been verified in any way. Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina are too close or too early to call, therefore Trump has not won them. And Michigan has been officially called for Biden, who won the state by 70,000 votes after all of the legal ballots were counted.

Clearly, Biden is the only truly presidential candidate in this race. Only a sore loser would not want all the votes counted and would dispute the final tally.

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