Just like his dad, Donald Trump Jr. is trying to discredit the vote in several states that former Vice President Joe Biden has won or is currently closing the gap between himself and President Donald Trump, even going so far as to suggest violence.

Trump and his family are so desperate that they are accusing Democrats of committing mass voter fraud in states like Michigan and Wisconsin while contesting the validity of the vote count in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona.

Biden currently leads in Nevada and Arizona, and is within striking distance of taking the lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia. Of course, to Trump that means there must be fraud, which is why he has been making false accusations since Election Night and has resorted to claiming victory in these states even though they have not been called.

It’s not just Trump who is trying to delegitimize the election, but his kids as well. On Thursday, Don Jr. called on his dad to wage “total war” to stay in office.

The violent rhetoric of the post resulted in Twitter flagging it. And Don Jr. threw a hissy fit about it.

The problem with Don Jr’s allegation is that there’s no evidence of voter fraud. The examples Trump’s campaign has pointed to have all turned out to be fake. The fraud is in Trump’s head. All of the ballots being counted were turned in on or before Election Day. There’s no question that Trump’s campaign would “find” fraud if they were allowed to look because it is all imaginary. They are trying to discredit the election in every way they can in a desperate scheme to cling onto power. States are not buying it. Judges are not buying it. Democrats are not buying it. Most Republicans are not buying it. And the American people are not buying it. The Trumps need to cease and desist and start preparing other ways to keep themselves out of prison.

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