As President Donald Trump continues to falsely accuse Democrats of election fraud, his own Republican supporters in Pennsylvania just got caught committing real election fraud.

The state of Pennsylvania is close to flipping from Trump to former Vice President Joe Biden as tens of thousands of votes remain to be counted in heavily Democratic counties. Of course, winning Pennsylvania and the 20 electoral votes it holds would put Biden over the top with 273 total for the victory, meaning Trump loses his bid for re-election.

Trump is desperate to prevent this, not just because he doesn’t want to give up power, but because he does not want to go to prison. To that end, he has repeatedly and falsely accused Democrats of committing widespread election fraud in the remaining states where he is losing or close to losing his lead, including Pennsylvania.

But while Trump and his campaign have not provided any evidence to back up his accusations, it turns out that Republicans in Pennsylvania were just busted committing election fraud. Oops.

According to The Daily Beast:

“Hours before President Donald Trump went on national television Thursday to declare the inherent illegitimacy of ballots received after Nov. 3, local Republican officials recruited volunteers to call Pennsylvania voters and urge them to get their ballots in by Friday—three days after Election Day.”

Seriously, Trump’s Republican allies in the state literally encouraged Trump supporters to send ballots in days after Election Day even though all ballots are required by law to have been postmarked before or on November 3rd.

The request, election lawyers say, appears to flagrantly run afoul of state law. Under Pennsylvania law and a recent state Supreme Court decision, absentee and mail-in ballots are valid as long as they were postmarked by Election Day and received by Nov. 6. Any Trump supporter who sends in their ballots either Thursday or Friday would not have it postmarked within the acceptable deadline—creating the precise situation that the president himself has deemed fraudulent and corrupt.

“The email, which was sent by the group Kenosha For Trump and forwarded to The Daily Beast, said it was marshaling the effort on behalf of Trump Victory, the committee established by the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee to run the field program for the president’s re-election,” the report concluded.

And their you have it. This is a real instance of election fraud that did not spring from Trump’s imagination, and it was orchestrated and perpetrated by Republicans who are desperate to sabotage the election on Trump’s behalf.

Legal expert Rick Hasen commented on the scheme via Twitter:

And it’s not the only example of election fraud being committed by Republicans. While Trump has also claimed that fraud has been committed in Nevada by Democrats, it turns out that the only real instance of fraud occurred when a Trump supporter tried to vote twice.

So, it is clearly NOT Democrats who are committing election fraud. It’s the Republicans.

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