Desperation is setting in among those who support President Donald Trump, and even his cheerleaders on Fox News are grasping at straws as they try to salvage the 2020 election and look for ways Trump can possibly win despite the being behind in votes.

On Thursday evening, Fox host Sean Hannity began floating the idea that it might be necessary to have a “do-over” in states such as Pennsylvania, telling viewers that since Trump believes there was election fraud, a new race should be held:

“Does that invalidate the process, considering they’re violating the law? And what is the remedy? The only remedy I would see, at that point, is, they did it, and the violated the law, nobody can testify to the legitimacy of what their counting was — a do-over in that state? By the way, something that has never been done in a presidential election.”

Keep in mind this is the very same Sean Hannity who had no problem stopping the counting of votes in Florida circa 2000, when George W. Bush narrowly defeated Al Gore. It’s also the same Sean Hannity who did a verbal victory dance when Trump defeated Hillary Clinton four years ago despite the fact that Trump fell 3 million votes short of Clinton on the popular vote.

Hannity’s desperation was palpable when he interviewed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and asked him if he agree it was time for a “revote” in Pennsylvania. Cruz didn’t seem very supportive of such an idea, especially since that has never been done in the 231-year history of this Constitutional republic. The Texas senator hemmed and hawed, clearly taken off guard by such an absurd proposition.

Poor Sean! His tangerine savior is on the verge of losing and he’s trying to save him. Sorry, Hannity, but there isn’t going to be a “do-over” or “revote.” The people have spoken. Now it’s time for us all to come together and move forward.

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