America’s long four-year nightmare is finally over.

Americans have been waiting to hear those words for a long time, and now they can breathe a sigh of relief and sleep like babies because former Vice President Joe Biden is now President-elect Biden.

The race was tight and entirely too close for comfort, but Biden managed to retake critical swing states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan while flipping traditional red states like Georgia and Arizona that will likely set up Democrats for big victories in the future.

Biden reached 270 electoral votes, and captured the most votes in history, making it very clear who won on this night after a record number of Americans turned out to cast ballots.

Unfortunately, Republicans may have retained their Senate majority depending on possible run-offs in Georgia that would take place in January, but Democrats kept control of the House. Of course, Trump has set a precedent for governing by executive order, so the Senate becomes somewhat irrelevant if Republicans think they can obstruct for the next two years and prevent Biden from getting anything done.

Two years after suffering a blue wave in 2018, the GOP has now lost the White House. The question is, will they actually learn something this time instead of lazily doubling down on their “play to the base” strategy that paved the way for a disastrous president like Trump in the first place? It’s doubtful.

The rampant sexism, racism, lies, and hate continues to dominate the GOP and it could take many years and more election losses before it cleans house.

Trump can whine and cry fraud all he wants, Biden won this election fair and square. That message from the American electorate should be loud and clear to any Republicans who were planning to sabotage his presidency from within Congress.

Trump tried to bully and level every accusation against Biden he could think of, and Republicans in Congress launched investigation after investigation in a persecution effort that went nowhere because Biden did nothing wrong.

Let’s also not forget that Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) has made history by becoming the first female Vice-President, thus laying down a stepping stone for a woman to one day become president.

This is a crushing and humiliating defeat for Trump, who will now be forever known as the biggest loser in history. He is the one-term president that Obama never was. And once he leaves office with his tail tucked between his legs in January, he can finally be arrested and prosecuted for his many crimes. Then he can be the first president to rot in prison. Lock him up.

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