President Donald Trump continued refusing to lose with dignity on Saturday night, rage-tweeting that he’s the real winner of the election and suggesting that President-Elect Joe Biden’s 74 million votes are all “illegal”.

Earlier on Saturday, Pennsylvania was called for Biden and he was awarded the state’s 20 electoral votes. Biden also has won Nevada, putting him over the top in the race to 270 electoral votes, and he is expected to surpass 300.

But Trump has refused to accept that he lost, repeatedly making false claims, including that Biden cheated because Democrats somehow fielded “illegal votes” even though all of the ballots were legally cast on or before Election Day via mail.

Ahead of Biden’s victory speech, Trump once again insisted that he won, this time by screaming in all-caps.

Biden received over 74 million legal votes, the most EVER for any presidential candidate. Therefore, Trump’s total means nothing. But Trump is doubling down on his claim that he’s the real winner and that all of Biden’s votes are “illegal”. That’s simply not the case, which is also why Twitter slapped a disclaimer on the post.

This assault on democracy is a pathetic display from a sore loser. Clearly, Trump intends to continue this childish behavior until he is literally dragged out of the White House. Biden should make sure his Attorney General is ready to charge and arrest Trump for criminal trespassing on Inauguration Day, something the Biden campaign has already suggested will happen if Trump refuses to leave.

Trump could have conceded the race with dignity and acted presidential for once. Instead, Biden will be the one who shows him what presidential behavior looks and sounds like.

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