President Donald Trump’s childish temper tantrums over the current election results that favor former Vice President Joe Biden are put in an even more humiliating context when you realize that there’s a tweet for that.

That’s right, as usual, there is yet another old tweet of Trump’s that has come back to haunt him.

Back in 2016, Trump had barely won several swing states to win the election. Despite this, Hillary Clinton conceded with dignity. She didn’t cry election fraud or run to the Supreme Court or launch a bevy of lawsuits in an effort to overturn the result even though she certainly had a case since Russia did interfere with the race.

But nearly two months after the election had taken place, Trump posted a tweet questioning Hillary’s ability to “lose with dignity” and quoted Vladimir Putin to claim that she was “humiliating” herself by not getting over the result.

The problem is that Hillary was hiking near her home and living her life without a care in the world while Trump has spent the last four years bragging about 2016 and never failing to remind everyone that he won. So, he couldn’t win with dignity and he has repeatedly humiliated himself in this current election by refusing to accept the result.

In fact, Trump has made it clear that he will refuse to concede and may even refuse to leave the White House and ensure a peaceful transition. As I have written previously, Trump is acting like a petulant child who locks themselves in the bathroom and refuses to come out because they did not get their way.

Clearly, Trump is the one who is humiliating. He’s humiliating himself, he’s humiliating his supporters, and he is humiliating the United States as the world watches. Hillary never did such a thing.

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