As President Donald Trump continues to desperately push election conspiracy theories in an effort to undermine the results of a race he lost badly to President-Elect Joe Biden, his dumbest son, Eric Trump, laughably demanded a recount of every single vote cast.

Trump is still refusing to concede the election, which Biden officially won over the weekend, and is insisting that the votes Biden received are fraudulent and should not count even though Republican and Democratic observers were present during the counting.

The accusations of fraud are likely going nowhere as Trump has presented zero evidence to prove his incendiary claims. And now Eric Trump is going even further by demanding a recount of all 146 million plus votes cast across the country.


Not only did Eric cite a crackpot right-wing source, his demand would be impossible, not to mention expensive to meet. It’s ludicrous to think that every vote should be recounted. Trump is within his rights to request a recount in states with close margins such as Georgia and Wisconsin, but recounting every single vote is downright extreme. And it didn’t take long for Twitter users to mock him.

Biden won this election fair and square. His margins of victory in the narrowly won states is enough that a recount would not change the outcome. The Trump campaign is only alleging voter fraud because they are sore losers. There has been no evidence nor any reports of voter fraud beyond the Republican fraud effort in Pennsylvania and the single case of a Trump supporter trying to vote twice in Nevada. In short, Eric Trump’s claim is bullsh*t and he’s still a dunce.

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