Proving that he intends to be a slavish sycophant to the very end, Vice President Mike Pence gleefully tweeted out praise for President Donald Trump and “Operation Warp Speed” just minutes after news broke that Pfizer’s latest vaccine for COVID-19 had proven 90 percent effective in clinical trials.

Just one tiny problem with Pence’s posting: Pfizer didn’t take part in “Operation Warp Speed” and chose to develop its vaccine with a German consortium.

Despite that, Nikki Haley, who served as UN ambassador in the Trump administration, also slobbered all over the current head of state:

Do either of them know how to do a damn Google search? Or is the real point to kiss up to the Donald no matter what the facts are?

Pence and Haley were both subjected to a thorough social media fact check:

Featured Image Via CNN