A member of the Trump administration whose sole duty is to sign a letter that will allow the transition team of President-elect Joe Biden to begin its work is refusing to do so, the latest sign that President Donald Trump intends to complicate or even disrupt the transfer of power that is supposed to take place on January 20, 2021.

According to the Washington Post:

“The administrator of the General Services Administration, the low-profile agency in charge of federal buildings, has a little-known role when a new president is elected: to sign paperwork officially turning over millions of dollars, as well as give access to government officials, office space in agencies and equipment authorized for the taxpayer-funded transition teams of the winner.

“It amounts to a formal declaration by the federal government, outside of the media, of the winner of the presidential race.”

Pamela Pennington, a spokeswoman for GSA, confirmed that no actions would be taken at the present time to speed along the Biden transition:

“An ascertainment has not yet been made, and its Administrator will continue to abide by, and fulfill, all requirements under the law.”

The official refusing to cooperate with Biden’s team is Emily Murphy, whom the Post notes has been controversial from the start:

“(Her) four-year tenure has been marked by several controversies involving the president, an unusually high profile for an agency little known outside of Washington.”

While the paperwork from the GSA is partially symbolic and ensures a seamless transfer of power, it also assures that the incoming administration will have everything it needs to hit the ground running as soon as Biden takes the oath of office:

“The GSA administrator releases computer systems and money for salaries and administrative support for the mammoth undertaking of setting up a new government — $9.9 million this year.”

“Transition officials get government email addresses. They get office space at every federal agency. They can begin to work with the Office of Government Ethics to process financial disclosure and conflict-of-interest forms for their nominees.”

For now, however, all of that is on hold. And instead of doing his duty, Trump will reportedly be holding more political rallies where he plans to disseminate bogus conspiracy theories about how the election was stolen from him.

Featured Image Via NBC News